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Full-Service Guitar Workshop

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CMG | Full-Services Guitar Workshop

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Gigbagger | Guitar Accessories and Strings

Accessories and Strings

Shop for new or legendary guitar accessories.  We offer guitar strings, tuners, digital tuners, straps, slides, stands, capos, picks, and so much more!  We're constantly updating our inventory to keep you coming back.

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Gigbagger | Gig Bags & Travel Cases

Gig Bags and Hard Cases

Pick from a variety of gig bags, softshell cases, hardshell cases, and TSA approved flight cases for your beloved instrument.  We have cases for folk and classical guitars, acoustic and electric guitars, ukuleles, and bass guitars.

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CMG | Full-Service Luthier Shop

Luthier Tools and Supplies

Find professional guitar Luthier tools for building, customizing, or repairing the guitars you love.  Choose from guitar tools like fret and nut files, measuring tools, neck rests, sandpaper and other maintenance care products.

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Gigbagger | Guitar Effects Pedals

Effects Pedals and Pedalboards

We know you like sound effects!  Grab a variety of effects pedals from distortion, wah-wah, compressor, delay, overdrive and more.  Choose from brands like Boss, Mosky, Hotone, Kokko, Joyo, Sonicake, and Valeton - to name a few.

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Gigbagger | Guitar Hardware

Hardware and Parts

Did you break something?  Need a new part for your guitar?  There's plenty of hardware available to you.  From bridges, jack sockets, whammy bars, pickguards, neck plates and back plates, strap locks.  We've got you covered!

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Gigbagger | Stage and Studio Audio

Stage and Studio

We offer stage and studio audio equipment and recording gear for every situation.  Whether you're just starting out or if you're a professional.  Guitar cables, patch cables, power supplies, amp gear, adapters... we've got 'em!

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Our Customers Say Nice Things

I was so happy with my guitar repair and the great quality care provided by CMG.

Tony C. / Indianapolis, IN

CMG's prices are fair and I was able to buy several items on a pretty small budget.

Justin M. / Oakland, CA

They have a growing selection of gear and I like the variety available from Charles Morgan Guitars.

Greg T. / Kansas City, MO