Note to Customers

Dear Customer,

Hello!  Thank you for visiting our small business website.  I would personally like to thank you for your support as we continue to improve our business, products, and services.

Since CMG is a small business, it does operate like one.  We ship our products in a timely fashion, but admittedly we're not as fast as the big box stores or Amazon.  We gently ask that you exercise patience with our production and delivery of custom made products and products that require time to go through our production process.

For example, the guitar necks and guitar bodies that we offer are not always readily available in our inventory.  Often times we produce these items upon customer request, customer specifications, or when purchased directly online.

In the event that you make a purchase online, please take note that although it will require some time to produce, we will do our very best to ensure it is made to our quality standards before we ship and deliver.

Please let CMG know if you have any questions about our inventory or production timeframes.  We're happy to help and we're more than happy to make your buying experience with us an enjoyable one!

Thanks again and we look forward to earning your business!


Charles Morgan, President