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Charles Morgan Guitars was founded by Charles Morgan in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  As a fellow musician, Charles has a passion for creating and playing music.  He enjoys talking about music and sharing cool music gear with friends.  Charles takes pride in the musical instrument craft, services, and products we offer to our clients.

CMG takes great pride in providing quality artisan-crafted custom guitars (acoustic, electric, and bass) for musicians and guitar collectors as well as service and repair.  Our online store offers a variety of guitar gear that can be shipped to our clients anywhere- at home or on the road.

Our goal is to offer high-quality custom luthier services, music accessories, hardware, effects pedals, tools, stage equipment, and studio audio equipment - all at very affordable prices whether you're a musical novice or a professional.

CMG is a proud member of the Guild of American Luthiers.  We truly appreciate our clients and thank you for your business.  Please feel free to let us know we're doing or if you have questions, comments or feedback.

We add new inventory daily, so please check back with us often!